Ship surveys

When does a vessel have to undergo Green Award surveys?
First of all, a vessel has to undergo an initial survey. If the Green Award requirements are met, the vessel will be issued a certificate. To keep the certificate valid, two annual surveys are required: 1 year and 2 years after the Initial Survey date.
First 3-year certification cycle: date of the very first Initial Survey determines when annual surveys are due. For first Annual and Second Annual, this is one year and two years respectively after the very first Initial Survey.
Every 3-year certification cycle after that: Expiry Date of previous certificate determines when annual surveys are due. For first Annual and second Annual, this is 1 year and 2 years respectively after Expiry Date of previous certificate.
Issue Date on the certificate is not used for due dates of next surveys because it can change e.g. if certificate must be re-issued at a later date due to a change of Ship Name, Manager, etc.

What are survey windows?
Annual Surveys must take place within a window of 3 months prior and 3 months after the survey is due. All Renewal Surveys must take place within a window of 6 months prior to the Expiry Date on the certificate. If a survey is performed after the due date (and survey windows), the due date (and survey windows) for following surveys will not change. The survey is simply “overdue”.
Note: A minimum period of 6 months must take place between surveys, allowing a ship to improve.

What if a ship is overdue?
If a ship has not undergone a required survey in time, she is “overdue”.
An incentive provider is entitled to refuse an incentive if a certificate is overdue. We experience that ports are checking the validity of certificates strictly.
Unusual cases of “overdue ships” can be discussed with the Bureau Green Award (e.g. cases where after several attempts no surveyor is available to conduct a survey or where the vessel is expected to call at ports which are not convenient for a survey).

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