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How long is the Green Award Certification period for a ship?
All Green Award Ship Certificates are valid for maximum 3 years (shown by an Issue Date and Expiry Date). Certification Date is the date of the very first Initial Survey. It is used by Green Award to start the first 3-year certification period. The same date (only 3 years later) is also used to start all following 3-year certification cycles.

Will the vessel lose the Certificate if she is involved in a pollution incident or other type of incident?
That depends on the cause of the incident, the follow-up and the corrective measures taken to prevent reoccurrence. An additional audit and/or obtaining information from a third party might be applicable.

Our vessel is fully managed by a ship management company. Will the vessel lose her certificate when transferred to another ship management company?
Normally the vessel will lose the Certificate. If the owner desires a continuation of participation, then an audit has to be carried out at the office of the ship manager and subsequently the vessel will be re-inspected. In case the ship manager has already been Green Award audited in connection with other vessels, only a re-inspection of the vessel might be applicable.

We have two sister vessels. If one is Green Award certified, is it necessary to inspect the other vessel as well?
The Certificate applies to one vessel exclusively. It is quite possible that after an audit of both vessels, the rating will differ based on compliance with requirements.

The requirements might be revised yearly. Does a vessel always have to comply with newly issued requirements?
The initial inspection of the vessel will be carried out to verify compliance with the requirements valid for the current year. As soon as new or revised requirements have been approved by the Committee and the Board of Experts, Green Award gives its certificate holders a 1 year notification. Certificate holders are being informed about new requirements, provided with an updated version and are given 1 year to prepare. After that period, all surveys (incl. annuals) are being carried out according to the requirements valid as of the date of a survey.

Does Green Award withdraw certificates?
Sometimes we have to withdraw certificates in case ships are unable to meet our requirements.

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