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What is an Application Fee for a ship?
The application fee covers the cost of the document review and initial survey for a ship. Travel and accommodation costs related to the initial audit will be invoiced separately. The application fee is valid for 12 months starting from the date of initial certification. This day and month will be the ‘anniversary date’ for the ship and will be the basis for the invoice for the Annual Fee.

What is an Annual Fee for a ship?
The Annual Fee covers a 12-months period starting from the Anniversary date and follows the Application Fee, which was also valid for 12 months. The invoice for the Annual Fee will be sent yearly in the month prior to the month of the ‘anniversary date’.

Do we have to pay an Application Fee again when the certificate will be renewed after three years?
As long as the participation of a vessel to the Green Award Scheme is not interrupted, an application fee is due once and for the years thereafter only an annual fee is applicable.

What are the fees for an office?
There are no application fees nor annual fees for offices. We charge offices for an office audit fee if we conduct an office audit. Additionally, we invoice the travel and accommodation costs.

The Green Award tariffs can be found here.

What is the procedure for the payment of the incentives?
The agent sends a request to the port, including a copy of the Green Award certificate and bank details. The port verifies the validity of the certificate and pays the incentive to the certificate holder. Some ports pay on a quarterly basis, some on a monthly basis.
Green Award is not involved in this process. 

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