Incentive providers

What is an incentive provider?
An incentive provider is a (private) port or maritime service provider (e.g. pilots, training institute, tug company, maritime authority etc.) that wants to encourage ship owners to apply for and obtain the Green Award, which would in turn upgrade the safety of the environment at sea and in ports. The list of incentives can be found here.

What is the level of incentives?
It is at the discretion of every port to decide what incentive is applicable. Currently the port incentives vary from 3 to 10% discount on port dues.
The maritime services providers give incentives in kind or rebates on courses etc.

What requirements do ports and maritime service providers have to meet in order to become a Green Award incentive provider?
The Green Award incentive provider is
• in agreement with the goal of the Green Award Foundation: increasing the level of safety and environmental awareness of the entire shipping industry.
• prepared to grant premiums to vessels with a Green Award certificate.

Do Green Award incentive providers need to be certified?
The port or maritime service provider do not need to have their own audit procedures and Green Award does not audit nor certify the port / service provider.

How do ports know which ships are eligible for an incentive?
Green Award provides the incentive providers with a Monthly Update, which includes information on certified ships, certification dates etc. Also an overview of new ships, name changes and withdrawn certificates are included. 

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