How can I report organisational changes?
Detail changes (e.g. changes of company/ship information, termination of certificate) for Certificate Holders or vessels are dealt with at our Certification Department. Please report any changes to certification@greenaward.org.

Does Green Award share non-conformities with other organisations?
Green Award is an independent organization. All information obtained during the surveys is not disclosed to any third parties, but used to help a manager and a ship to improve quality and safety onboard and ashore.

How is the Green Award Foundation governed?
Green award is governed by a Committee, Board of Experts and Board of Appeal.
The Committee consists of members representing the international maritime industry, including both public and private interests. The Committee manages the Green Award Foundation as laid down in the Foundation’s articles.
The Board of Experts consists of representatives from the maritime industry and is assigned to advise the Committee on the composition of the Green Award Requirements.
The Board of Appeal is charged with deciding appeals against any of the Green Award's decisions against which a Green Award applicant or certificate holder can lodge a complaint under the Green Award Regulations.

How does our company benefit from joining Green Award if we already have vetting and compulsory Class inspections?
Green Award motivates the crew to work in compliance with higher standards. The scheme is well-known and recognized in the shipping industry which gives a high value to its certificates. Green Award certificate holders benefit from the positive image showing their corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness by participating in the scheme. Apart from that, certificate holders receive various incentives (financial and operational) from the industry stakeholders such as ports and maritime service providers.

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