Ship surveys

How does Green Award know where the ships are?
The Green Award Survey Department aims to have all vessels surveyed within their respective survey-windows. To achieve this, information on expected ports of call is crucial.
All Green Award certificate holders are encouraged to inform the Bureau Green Award on a frequent basis on the expected ports of call of the certified Green Award vessels. Weekly updates are preferred; as a minimum monthly updates are acceptable.

What is a cluster?
The Survey Department tries to attend several vessels during the same trip at a particular area. These surveys are called “clustered surveys”. This allows Green Award certificate holders to benefit from reduction of survey-costs (since total costs of the same trip will be divided amongst the total amount of vessels attended). Bureau Green Award benefits from a more time-effective deployment of its surveyors.

Are inspections only carried out in ports which adopted Green Award?
No, inspections are carried out worldwide. When ships’ schedules are known, we try to cluster inspections to areas in order to minimise travel costs.

Does Green Award hire external parties to conduct surveys?
No, Green Award does not work with third parties for surveying and auditing but with own employees. All surveyors are ex-seafarers and appointed as a Green Award Surveyor after a successful fulfilment of an intensive education and training program. This program is developed by Green Award and approved and accredited by the Nautical Institute.

How long does a Green Award ship survey take? And how many Green Award representatives will perform the surveys?
Initial survey
For the first ship of an owner/manager: 2 man-days (two surveyors, one actual day)
For the ships following the first ship of an owner/manager: 1 man-day (one surveyor, one actual day)

Annual and renewal survey
Every following survey of all ships: 1 man-day (one surveyor, one actual day)
For bulk carriers older than 6 years:  2 man-days (two surveyors, one actual day)

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