Klaipeda Port

We are proud of the Green Award recognition at Klaipeda Port, Lituania. Our most recent entrant is the first Baltic Green Award Port. The new rules of application of port dues were approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, while the port authority and associations were closely involved in drafting the rules.

Klaipeda is an attractive transit port, connecting the main transportation corridors between the East and the West. It is the most northern ice-free Baltic seaport. Harbour waters do not freeze even at -25°C. The depth of the harbour waters at the northern part of the port quays is 14.5 meters and in perspective the depth is to reach 17 meters. Klaipeda Port is a State port. Its land and harbour waters belong to the State. The port of Klaipeda is managed by the Authorities of Klaipeda State Seaport, the founders of which are the Communications Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania.

In 2001, the number of tankers calling Klaipeda Port exceeded 600. The average amount of port dues paid by tankers of 15,000 GT (20,000 dwt) is above 20,000 EURO 24,000 GT (30,000 dwt) - some 30,000 EURO.

At Klaipeda Port, the Green Award vessels receive 5% premium incentive based on vessel dues.



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