New Office Manager / Quality Manager

On 2 July 2002 we welcomed Mrs Karin Struijk as our new Office Manager / Quality Manager.

Karin is, apart from being office manager, Fred Westerdijk's successor. Fred is leaving the Green Award Organisation on 30 September 2002. Fred Westerdijk, in his seafarer's time Chief engineer with Nedlloyd, is the man behind our internal quality system, the upgrading of "Seacure for Operations 2000" and the training programme for Green Award accredited surveyors. A number of people met Fred during the various office audits.

We are grateful to him because of the quality of his own work for Green Award. He will be greatly missed as a colleague. On 18 October 2002 a farewell party will be given in his honour. "Farewell" is a bit of an exaggeration because we might contract Fred in specific cases, for example for special projects like training of surveyors and other interested parties.

Karin Struijk has acquired a vast knowledge about quality systems both in and outside the shipping world. This is very important to us, since our existence is based on the auditing of our participating ship operators. Since Karin joined our company we are very pleased to have a professional woman's perspective and experience in what is considered to be a male oriented business. We are especially encouraged by the fact that Karin is a member of the Green Award management team.




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