Upgrade of Green Award Requirements:
Seacure 2008

The Green Award Committee has adopted the Board of Experts' proposals, which have resulted in the official issue of the Green Award "Seacure for Operations 2008" and revised Appendices for Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers.

Apart from "fine tuning" some elements, major changes have been made in the following areas:

• Mooring Equipment
• Training / Courses for Personnel
• Ballast Water Management
• Management of Ship Exhaust Emissions
• Marpol Bunkering requirements & Additional Green Award requirements

The following elements have been added to the Appendices:

• Monitoring of Ship Exhaust Emissions (& use of the data to set      targets for improvement)
• ECDIS, electronic charts, training & onboard procedures
• Hot Work procedures
• Marpol NOx emission limits

The upgraded Green Award Requirements are valid from 1st April 2008. An explanatory letter and USB sticks for every ship involved will be sent to our certificate holders in the first half of March 2008. 

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