PSC: new inspection regime

In the Annual Report 2007 the Paris MoU on Port State Control announces a new inspection regime in 2011.

"Although some have expected that port State control would not be necessary anymore the contrary is true. After several years where detention rates have showed a declining trend, in the past 2 years this trend has been reversed and detentions are on the rise again. Several factors may play a role, such as the increased demand for tonnage world wide and also the reported difficulties of ship owners in finding well qualified and experienced seafarers.

In the coming years the Paris MoU can not afford itself any complacency and will need to focus its efforts more on those ships, ship owners, flag States and recognized organizations which operate in the margins of what is legally acceptable.

The introduction of the new inspection regime in 2011 will play an important role. While low-risk ships will be rewarded with a 24 to 36 month inspection interval, the high-risk ships will be subject to a more rigorous inspection regime with an inspection every 6 months. Hopefully in 2008 the decision making process at the European Community level on the proposed recast Directive on port State control will be completed, thereby creating a legal framework for the EU member States".

Green Award hopes and will promote that Green Award certified ships officially will be considered as "low-risk ships". This would be an important non financial incentive for Green Award certificate holders.


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