Eelco Leemans on Board of Experts

Mr. E. (Eelco) Leemans has been appointed member of the Green Award Board of Experts. He represents the North Sea Foundation.

The North Sea Foundation is a Dutch professional environmental NGO that stands up for the North Sea. The North Sea Foundation chooses for a constructive approach and open dialogue that enables the Foundation to influence marine environmental policies, politicians and important users groups. The promotion of the improvement of quality of shipping is a spearhead and addresses topics like ballast water, lubricants, fuel and propulsion, logistics.

Eelco Leemans graduated in 1988 from the nautical college in Enkhuizen and has worked as an officer and skipper on various ships, worldwide. He obtained a degree in Environmental Sciences in 1998 with a paper on the attention given to environmental issues in the curriculum of the Dutch nautical colleges and has worked for NGOs ever since. Since 2001 he works for the North Sea Foundation as Co-ordinator of the Clean Shipping Campaign. Eelco is one of the initiators of the Marine Environmental Awareness Course and gives lectures in the international circuit on protection of the marine environment. From 2005 Eelco is hired by the ProSea foundation as a course instructor for the "Sustainable Sea, Sustainable Shipping" courses and as international shipping specialist.

Green Award believes that Mr. Leemans’ expertise will be a good addition to the Board of Experts. Furthermore, we applaud an official link between Green Award and the North Sea Foundation since Green Award contributes to the ProSea Marine Environmental Awareness Course by giving presentations on a regular basis. 

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