Green Award and the ProSea Foundation

The Bureau Green Award has been executing audits on board ships and at the offices of ship managers at different locations in the world for over 10 years. Both Green Award and the participating managers and their certified vessels have improved their Quality, Safety and Environmental standards significantly over the years.

From this 10 year experience, we have observed one particular issue which needs to be improved in order to enhance the environmental performance and image of vessels sailing the seven seas. We think it is of importance to create a better environmental awareness among the professionals navigating the vessels of an owner. Quite often, despite the good efforts made during the training of officers, we have observed a lack of or limited environmental awareness. After some research we learned that Nautical Academies are not providing sufficient training on this subject.

Over the last few years in The Netherlands, the ProSea Foundation has provided courses on this subject. It is the intention that this initiative will be internationalised. Green Award offers expertise in providing lectures and strives for international acceptance of the course. Ultimately, we would like to see it developed as an IMO model course.

The activity of the ProSea Foundation is the initiation and organisation of Marine Environment Awareness and Sustainable Development courses and training for marine professionals (to be). In practice this consists of the following:

Marine Environment Awareness Course, The island of Texel, The Netherlands

An International Marine Environment Awareness Course for seafarers/students in English
This course has been developed as part of the EU-Interreg III sponsored by Save the North Sea project (SNS) in co-operation with KIMO.


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