Green Award Luncheon Seminar

On the occasion of the Green Award's 10th anniversary a luncheon seminar was held at the offices of Intertanko/Intercargo in London. Mr. R.E. Malone, CEO BP Shipping, shed light on why BP Shipping is a firm supporter of Green Award and Mr. J. Fransen and Mr. H. de Goeij gave a presentation on Green Award

Dr. P. Swift, Managing Director of Intertanko, opened the seminar and stressed the importance of the recognition of quality tonnage. He indicated that there was no doubt about the important role of Green Award in the effort to lift shipping standards by using independent Green Award inspections.

Mr. R.E. Malone
gave an impressive speech and indicated that BP Shipping is a firm believer in the Green Award process and the operational and financial benefits which stem from it. BP Shipping has been associated with Green Award since 1999, when BP obtained certification of three vessels as one of several initiatives to focus BP's attention on environmentally sound operations. He recognises that Green Award is an important tool to constantly "lift the bar".

   Dr. P. Swift,                Mr. R.E. Malone,              Mr. R. Holt,
   Managing Director       CEO BP Shipping             Secretary General 
   INTERTANKO                                                    INTERCARGO

Green Award is very happy with the outcome of the presentations and is particularly pleased with the engagement of the industry representatives present which was demonstrated by the question and answer session. The seminar was attended by representatives from across the industry.

After the seminar, Mr. R. Holt, Secretary General INTERCARGO, co-host of the seminar said: "Green Award has a good and powerful message which can be put together in a very interesting presentation. There is clearly much work to be done with owners, charterers, port authorities, flag states and insurance interests. INTERCARGO will continue to support your efforts in the dry bulk carrier sector. We must take notice of the concerns from the industry and we were particularly pleased that you are addressing the issue of the frequency of inspections. The pressure put on crew time in port is having a negative effect on operational efficiency and morale and the ISPS Code has done nothing to help the situation. This must continue to be taken into account in the Green Award inspection programme so that quality ships can be rewarded in a quick and easy system".

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