Green Award rewarded by Helmepa

Capt. D.C. Mitsatsos, Helmepa, took the opportunity to congratulate Green Award on the 10th anniversary and handed over the Helmepa Award, that says:

"Helmepa, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association and its Members, 13.500 seafarers, 500 Greek-owned vessels and 170 companies and organisations from within world shipping congratulate Green Award Foundation, Helmepa's associate member, on its 10th anniversary".

What is Helmepa?
It is the joint initiative of the Greek seafarers and shipowners to declare in 1982 in Piraeus that they voluntarily undertake the responsibility to eliminate ship generated marine pollution and enhance safety at sea.

The objective of the initiative is to instill and nurture environmental consciousness throughout the shipping industry so as to compliment the requirements of the legislation for pollution prevention and safety at sea. And this is because the Greek seafarers understood that even the most widely accepted international conventions and national laws cannot be effectively implemented until every sector of the shipping industry is committed to the joint effort. Such a commitment, they declared, would be effective only through a concerted voluntary effort to educate, inform and motivate all, from shipowner to the last seafarer. 

             Mr. Mitsatsos (left) hands over the Award to Mr. De Goeij


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