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"Incentive Scheme for Quality Shipping -
Green Award
45 ports in 7 countries participate

Registration covers 12% of the global tanker fleet
On the 9th of January, Mr Hans de Goey, Managing Director of Green Award Foundation (Bureau located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) spoke at the "International Symposium on the Promotion of Quality Shipping", which was held in Tokyo by the Institute for Transport Policy Studies. "Green Award Foundation scheme (founded in 1994) offers a de-facto reduction of port charges to the certified ships at 45 ports in 7 countries, and as of this month Amsterdam also joined" says Mr. de Goey. "At the end of 2002, 12% of the global tanker fleet was registered with the scheme. "

Mr. de Goey speaks in Tokyo
There are many incentives around the world like "Green Award". Mr. de Goey pointed out the importance of the co-operation among them in the form of "MEGA Platform", which is a global scale alliance to protect the maritime environment, and called out the participation of the Japanese shipping related institutions and the shipowners in the scheme of Green Award.
The objective of the Green Award Foundation is to promote the safety of the seas and the protection of maritime environment to the management of shipping companies and the crew. This independent non-profit organisation issues a three-year valid "Green Award Certificate" (GA Certificate) to the shipowners and the vessels. At the same time they work on the enlargement of the incentive providers, such as port authorities and maritime service providers.
Based on this scheme, which began in 1994, Rotterdam Port gives the certified vessels 6% worth of incentive on the port charge each time the vessel enters the port. The shipowners do not only enjoy a decrease in the operating expenses by the incentive, but can also expect lower insurance premiums and better corporate image. At the same time, the port authorities receive the merit of increase in safety and efficiency. "There are more cases that charterers require GA Certificate to shipowners to use it as proven quality" says Mr. de Goey.
The requirements for the certification are set out by the Foundation but they also incorporate the international maritime guidelines such as International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 9002 and the standards provided by International Maritime Organisation (IMO). After an audit at the ship owner's manager's office is passed, an inspection on the vessel takes place. If it fulfils the requirements, the GA Certificate is issued. The certification is at present available only for oil tankers and bulk carriers of 20,000 deadweight tons or above. Presently incentives are given at 45 ports in 7 countries (South Africa, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, UK, Germany and Lithuania). A total of 224 certificates were issued up to now, and due to the vessels sold or scrapped, the active certificates are 165. "We would like to take off the bulker certification this year. There are also requests for certification for container ships." says Mr. Jan Fransen, the Deputy Managing Director of Green Award Foundation.

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