Hellespont Steamship Corporation


Recently, the office of Hellespont Steamship Corporation in Piraeus, Greece withstood the test of the Green Award audit and received the Green Award Office Certificate, which is valid for another 3 years. A reaction from Hellespont:

"It has been proven that the Hellespont Group has a strong relationship with the Green Award Foundation, as over three million gross deadweight has passed through the certified vessel list of Green Award since 1995.

We believe that the third party verification of the ship's and shore staff's ISO/ISM accreditation beneficially distinguishes our operations to our clients and port authorities, and verifies how our organisation approaches industrial transportation and its dedication to safety.

Throughout the years, Hellespont has benefited from substantial port dues rebates from several ports worldwide. Admittedly, due to the size of Hellespont's vessels, these ports are few. However, we strongly hope that these few destinations that can accommodate such vessels will continue to increase in the list of Green Award ports".

For and on behalf of Hellespont Steamship Corporation,
Spyros Vlassopoulos


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