New Green Award Incentive Provider: Porto de Setúbal (Portugal)

Green Award is happy to announce that Porto de Setúbal (Portugal) is a confirmed Green Award incentive provider.

The Port of Setúbal is very important for the hinterland which includes all the main production centres south of the River Mondego (i.e. the southern half of the country) and in Spanish Extremadura. Setúbal is situated on the crossroads of the main north-south and east-west sea routes.

Porto de Setúbal grants Green Award tankers and bulk carriers a 3% premium on the Tariff for port use (TUP) (oil tankers)

Porto de Setúbal
Praça da República
2904-508 Setúbal
T +35 1 265 542 000
F +35 1 265 230 992 





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