Renewed Office Certificate for TORM

Recently, the office of TORM in Copenhagen, Denmark, withstood the test of the Green Award audit and received the Green Award Office Certificate, which is valid for another 3 years.

Founded in 1889, TORM is one of the world’s most respected names in international shipping. The company is composed of tanker and bulk carrier divisions, with product tanker activity accounting for the majority of the business. TORM is responsible for the commercial operation of approximately 90 vessels, including some of the most modern and well-equipped ships afloat.

                                        Torm Alice

It is the policy of TORM (the Company) that all employees execute their work under safe and healthy conditions with the utmost concern for safety and health and protection of the environment. In this respect, it is a logical step for TORM to offer its system to be audited against the requirements. Torm operates several vessels that are certified by Green Award.


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