Iino Lines’ new office building received financing based on environmental responsibility ratings

In October 2011, the new office building of the parent company of our certificate holder, Iino Marine Service Co. Ltd., was “delivered” and it was announced that they received their financing for construction based on the Environmental Responsibility Ratings by Development Bank of Japan. Their long-term participation in the Green Award certification scheme was considered as one of the main positive evaluations for eligibility.

The Iino Lines, based in Tokyo, received a valuable status that their “efforts made for environmental consideration is advanced” for the Environmental Responsibility Ratings as evaluated by Development Bank of Japan (DBJ). The brand new Iino Building is also where the headquarters of our certificate holder, Iino Marine Service Co. Ltd., is located in.

This Environmental Responsibility Ratings was established by DBJ back in 2004 to promote environmentally responsible management and it gives preferential interest rates on the building financing.

Their participation in the certification scheme of Green Award Foundation since 2004, as the first Japanese certificate holder, was noted as one of the main factors taken into account for their evaluation, stating that they “thoroughly ensure safe and environmentally friendly operations/management for their oil tanker division”.

Green Award Foundation is proud to see that its certification programme is being utilised and is contributing as a tool for a joint industry Corporate Social Responsibility in the shipping sector.

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