The Port of Moerdijk incentive provider for inland barges

The port authority gives a discount of 15% to Green Award certified inland barges.

The port of Moerdijk was one of the seven port authorities that in February 2011 signed to support Green Award by contributing to the scheme operating costs in order to promote recognition of the clean and environmentally responsible inland shipping. As a next step, in January 2012 the port also became an incentive provider giving a 15% rebate on the harbor dues to Green Award certified inland navigation barges.

The Moerdijk port and industrial complex is strategically located on the Hollandsch Diep between the international ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, in the Rhine Scheldt Delta. Goods from all over the world arrive and also depart again from here to many further destinations. The port and industrial area measures 2.400 hectares and houses about 400 companies. Each year about 2.000 sea-going vessels (short sea) and 10.000 inland navigation vessels dock at the port of Moerdijk. A total of about 15.000.000 tons is stored and transferred annually.

Inland vessels can reach Moerdijk via a widely branching inland waterway network, via among others, the Rhine, the Meuse, the Scheldt, the Volkerak, the Haringvliet, Markiezaatsmeer and various canals. Moerdijk is part of the Trans-European Network of waterways and is for this reason an ideal operational base.

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