E-invoicing: Green Award goes greener

The Green Award bureau introduces a possibility of the e-invoicing which is significantly more environment-friendly and time efficient than paper invoicing.

This means that from now on Green Award certificate holders can receive invoices electronically instead of using paper invoices. Electronic helps save both time and money.

The advantages of being able to send and receive invoices electronically include:

Environmental: using less paper, saving energy and reducing waste and your carbon footprint – all these benefit the environment

Operational: saving space that is needed to store paper invoices, making it easier and quicker to trace orders and invoices and keep your records in a secure way.

If you prefer to receive e-invoices rather than paper invoices, please inform us by sending an email to secretariat@greenaward.org

Please include in your request the name of a contact person and email address you would like to use to receive our electronic invoices. 



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