It has been a busy start of the year for the Green Award bureau. For the sea-going vessels 10 initial surveys have been carried out by the surveyors’ team and 13 new applications have been received since the beginning of this year.

Currently the Green Award’s fleet of certified sea-going vessels totals 220 oil tankers, dry bulk carriers and LNG carriers. Number of LNG tankers has reached 36 and keeps growing, and new bulk carriers and oil tankers enter the scheme. 

For the inland barges, the inspectors visited 29 ships and we received 31 applications. Total number of Green Award certified inland barges has reached 424.

Green Award is delighted to see that, despite of the current economic conditions, safety and quality remain priority issues for ship owners and managers, and Green Award serves as a recognized tool to demonstrate their dedication to the highest industry standards and best environmental practices.

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