New Board of Appeal Chairman is
Mr van Zelm van Eldik

From 18 December 2013 Mr. Van Zelm van Eldik chairs the Board of Appeal. He takes over from Mr. Roemers who leaves the Board due to his retirement.

Mr. A.N. van Zelm van Eldik has a legal background and experience with maritime law. He has served as a judge of the court of Rotterdam since 1978 and as of this day holds the position of the vice president of the court.

He is a deputy chairman of the Commissie Binnenvaart Rampenwet (CBR) in Rotterdam. The commission’s mission is to investigate inland shipping accidents of all sorts and its domain includes any accident that occurs in Dutch inland shipping waters. The CBR’s concern is with legal and economic aspects as well as human costs. Mr. van Zelm van Eldik is also a member of the board of the Dutch Maritime and Transport law association.

Green Award believes that with his extensive background, Mr. van Zelm van Eldik will be able to give the right guidance to the Board of Appeal.





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