Upgrade and modifications of Green Award Requirements

Green Award Foundation has released yet another revision to its requirements for all its seagoing ship types. A significant amount of elements were modified with 3 elements added/modified fully.

The new revision named Green Award Requirements Version 2013 is positioned as an in-between revision, which mainly includes small modifications such as editorial and clarifications. On top of these, major changes were made to 3 elements in the office audit and ship survey requirements and 1 modification to the regulations. In 2015, we plan the next full revision for our office audit and ship survey requirements and regulations.

The newly revised requirements are applicable to seagoing oil/product tankers, dry bulk carriers, LNG carriers and chemical tankers and include the following new/modified topics:

• Bilge and Sludge Management
• Critical and Stand-by Equipment
• Data Monitoring & Recording Equipment, Data Providing Services
• Best practice for incident reporting (regulations)

The upgraded Green Award Requirements and Regulations became valid from the 1st of October, 2013. The relevant certificate holders and their ships had been informed and the transition period related thereto accordingly. All parties involved are recommended to consult our download page on our website www.greenaward.org/69-downloads for the latest information, regulations and requirements.


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