New requirements for inland barges

A new set of requirements for inland navigation vessels came into force on the 17th of June, 2014.

The new requirements were developed by the Green Award bureau in cooperation with a working group of inland shipping experts. They are based on data collected by Green Award and consultations with inland shipping entrepreneurs, governmental bodies, port authorities and other external parties. The result of these consultations is a list of stricter requirements.

The following points have been amended:

• More attention for new energy saving technologies
• More benefits for clean engines
• More emphasis on safety
• The requirements consist now of 2 parts: engines and additional items
• Differentiation of levels within the certification program

There are now 3 levels that can be reached by a ship within the Green Award certification program: bronze, silver and gold. One of the three levels is assigned to a ship based on the score obtained during inspection on board. This approach stimulates further improvement. Some incentive providers consider adjusting their incentive to these three levels, and some will continue providing a non-differentiated incentive. The decision is on the providers. Certificates issued in accordance with the previous requirements will remain valid till July 2017.

Green Award hopes that this integrated approach will further improve safety and mitigate effects of inland barges on European inland waterways.


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