Changes within the Green Award bureau

Green Award bureau has undergone an internal reorganization in order to ensure continuity of operations and to further improve its services.

A new organizational structure has been implemented in the course of 2014.

The following changes have taken place:

- Mr. Jan Fransen’s job title has changed from Managing Director to Executive Director
- A new position of a Business Manager was introduced by Green Award and filled by Mr. Féroz Kadirbaks. Mr. Kadirbaks is an outstanding financial specialist who will lead the business support unit (former secretariat)
- Mr. Peter van Hattum’s job title has changed to the Survey Manager
- A Management Team consisting of the Executive Director, the Business Manager, the Certification Manager and the Survey Manager has been created to ensure continuity of operations
- Ms. Yulia Diyakonova, management assistant took over from Mrs Karin Struijk her responsibilities related to PR and marketing activities and has been promoted to PR & Marketing Coordinator

We believe that the new structure will allow us to further improve communication and interaction with our stakeholders, be flexible and meet fast-changing demand of the industry and ensure the high quality services of the scheme.

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