New requirements on Noise and Vibration reduction are ready for release

Maritime related stakeholders in various parts of the world have recently been voicing that noise and vibration level in port areas and its surroundings is becoming an issue. This directed Green Award to take the initiative to look into this subject for our certified ships to remain ahead in the industry.

Adverse or excessive noise levels, or prolonged exposure to noise and vibration lead to potential health problems and most evidently contribute to noise induced hearing loss for the crew onboard, hence affecting safety on operations. Our study analyzed the root causes of noise pollution from three aspects, which resulted in laying out measures and guidelines that could be carried out or followed onboard to reduce the noise and vibration to a reasonable extent.

Our main goal in drafting this new set of requirements remained at focusing on guidelines and recommendations on this subject to create a healthier environment onboard as well as towards the port environment.

The new requirements for the sea going vessels look into the following key elements:
• Crew onboard the vessels;
• The port community
• The underwater mammals.

These requirements are approved and adopted by our Board of Experts and the Committee respectively, and are ready to be released in September.


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