Tariffs 2016

For 2016 we have chosen for a differentiated approach to establishing of the tariffs.

The tariffs for container carriers and bulk carriers will not be increased, and will only be corrected with the inflation rate 0.6%. As we informed you in our letter at the end of 2014 we use the inflation rate according to CPI (the Netherlands) for all households.

This decision is made to encourage ship managers and owners that are currently suffering from the bad market situation, to keep their efforts and maintain high standards of safety and quality.

The tariffs for oil and chemical tankers and LNG carriers will be indexed with an inflation rate and slightly increased. At the end it means the raise of 2% in total comparing to the current tariff. The tariff list 2016 can be found on our website www.greenaward.org/greenaward/69-downloads.html

The discount scheme for the application fee which we introduced last year remains valid in 2016 as well. You can get a significant discount if you apply 5 or more vessels at once or, if you sign up less than 5 ships at one go, you can still get a discount based on the total number of your ships in the Green Award scheme (including the ones you are signing up). For more information and explanation on how the discounts are calculated, please check our website http://www.greenaward.org/greenaward/69-downloads.html 






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