Green Award certified companies and/or ships are entitled to a 10% discount on selected services provided by HudsonAnalytix, Inc., and/or any of its five (5) divisions, Hudson Marine Management Services, HudsonTrident, HudsonSystems, HudsonTactix, and HudsonDynamix.

Included services are,

Hudson Marine Management Services
• Regulatory Planwriting Services (i.e., US Vessel Response Plan, SOPEP, PCSOPEP, BMWP, etc.)
• Related administrative processing support (i.e. US CoFR)
• Retained Qualified Individual, Authorized Person and Spill Management Team services;
• Vessel Arrival Services (i.e., Notice of Arrival, ICB, ACE (Formerly AMS) services)
• Select Onboard Consulting Services

• Ship (Vessel) Security Assessment
• Ship (Vessel) Security Plan Drafting
• Ship Security Auditing
• Tabletop Exercises
• Security Management Training (i.e. SSO, CSO, PFSO, PDSD)

• TMSALogix Software (Annual License)
• TMSA Trend Analysis
• Management System Gap Analysis
• Management Systems Audit Preparation
• KPI Development and Continous Improvement Consulting
• Vessel and Office IT Architectural Design

• Medical Bill Review
• Crew Medical Management
     o Assist with appointments
     o Monitor treatment (in hospital)
     o Obtain necessary medical documentation
     o Assist in coordination of crew repatriation
• Claims Investigation and Adjusting
• Settlement Negotiations
• Expert Witness
• Litigation Support
• Surveys

• Maritime Risk Management Training
• Maritime Management System Vetting Training
• Pollution Prevention and Reponse Management Training
• HAZWOPER Training
• Incident Command System (ICS) Training
• Live Crisis Management Exercises
• Tabletop Crisis Management Exercises

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