Green Award scheme welcomes the Port of Yokohama

3 April, 2017, YOKOHAMA – The Port of Yokohama is a new Green Award port. Environmental protection and safety in the port will be enhanced through participation in the Green Award scheme.

The Port of Yokohama officially became a Green Award incentive provider effective as of the 1st of April, 2017. On 30 of March, 2017, Mrs Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of City of Yokohama, and Jan Fransen, Executive director of the Green Award Foundation met to shake hands and to make an official announcement.

Green Award is an international ship certification and incentive scheme, recognized world-wide. Ocean-going and inland navigation ships holding the Green Award certificate demonstrate excellent performance, outstanding quality and safety record and high environmental standards. Ports and companies in over 20 countries support this initiative and reward ships meeting top notch standards. The scheme helps to reduce risks of incidents and accidents and to promote quality shipping.

From left to right: Mr Hiroya Nakano, Executive Director of Policy Coordination, Ports and Harbor Bureau of City of Yokohama; Mr Shinsuke Ito, Director General, Ports and Harbor Bureau of City of Yokohama; Mrs Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of the City of Yokohama; Mr Jan Fransen, Executive Director, Green Award Foundation; Mr Keita Shinohara, certification manager, Green Award Foundation

The Port of Yokohama has been actively tackling environmental and safety issues for years. The port and City of Yokohama have participated in research on implementation of facilities for LNG-fuelled vessels together with MLIT (the Japanese ministry). Port takes pro-active approach to safety and environment and recognises its role in regional economy and community. Joining the Green Award scheme is a logical step to increase the positive impact of own actions. Further promotion of environmental safety and Corporate Social Responsibility principles by the port becomes more efficient and potent with Green Award. In order to emphasize more on air quality measures, the Port of Yokohama will also partner in the ESI program.

All types of Green Award certified ocean going vessels are entitled to a discount of 15% on entrance fee of port dues when calling at the Port of Yokohama.

“It is an important decision of Yokohama,” commented Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award. “Due to its special geographical position and port facilities handling various cargo types, Yokohama is one of the key ports in Asia. The port plays major role in shipping in the region. Yokohama’s sustainable approach and participation in the Green Award scheme will help mitigate negative effects of shipping in the whole area.”

"By participating in the programme, we hope it will result in improving the port safety and environment even further," commented Mrs Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of the city of Yokohama. “The Port of Yokohama is the core of Yokohama’s logistics and economy. And the port is strategically one of the most important ports in Japan that handles various ship types; container carriers, pure car carriers, cruise ships, liquid and dry bulk ships etc. The largest two import cargoes are LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as number one, followed by petroleum, which cover one third of the throughput. We will accelerate our contribution to the environment by taking the opportunity to participate in the programme and sharing it to the world."

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