All Green Award vessels (both oceangoing as inland) qualify for:
• A 10% discount on steering gear inspections according to the descriptions of R.o.s.R. Rijn (art. 6,09) and IVR SPO inspections.
• Filters used with the inspection are provided with a 15% discount.
• Materials used with the inspections are provided with a 5% discount.


All Green Award inland vessels qualify for a discount of 5%:
• Modification or rebuild of existing steering gear in response to regulation R.o.s.R. RIJN 2007.
• The purchase of an XR / XR-T spoiler(s).


All Green Award inland vessels qualify for free advice regarding fuel-saving facilities that contribute to fewer CO2 emission.

Consisting of:
• Customized advice regarding steering gear and rudders.
• Advice on the modification of hydraulic and electric steering, more efficient energy consumption.
• Customized advice concerning resistance reducing parts of the submarine, including use of spoiler(s) and Flowplate.
• Advice for the possibilities of a request for EIA.



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