What ship types are included in the Green Award scheme?
Currently, we certify oil tankers, product tankers and dry bulk carriers from 10.000 dwt and above. We are preparing the setup of a scheme for container carriers and LNG ships.
For a complete list of certified ships, click here.

We would like to apply our ship/office for Green Award certification. What is the procedure?

1. Apply by submitting all the documents listed in the application form (put a link to the page for application list) to Bureau Green Award in Rotterdam or by e-mail to certification@greenaward.org.

2. Certification Department will perform the Initial Review (a desktop documentation audit prior to the survey onboard)

3. As soon as the Initial Review is successfully completed, the applicant is requested to contact the Survey Planning Coordinator/Survey Department (survey@greenaward.org) to arrange an Office Audit (in case the Office is not certified yet) and then an onboard Initial Survey.

For any questions regarding the application procedure, please contact our Certification Department (certification@greenaward.org)

S U R V E Y S / A U D I T S

When does a vessel have to undergo Green Award surveys?
First of all, a vessel has to undergo an initial survey. If the Green Award requirements are met, the vessel will be issued a certificate.
To keep the certificate valid, two annual surveys are required: 1 year and 2 years after the Initial
Survey date.
First 3-year certification cycle: date of the very first Initial Survey determines when annual surveys
are due. For first Annual and Second Annual, this is one year and two years respectively after the very
first Initial Survey.
Every 3-year certification cycle after that: Expiry Date of previous certificate determines when
annual surveys are due. For first Annual and second Annual, this is 1 year and 2 years respectively after Expiry Date of previous certificate.
Issue Date on the certificate is not used for due dates of next surveys because it can change
e.g. if certificate must be re-issued at a later date due change of Ship Name, Manager, etc.

What are survey windows?
Annual Surveys must take place within a window of 3 months prior and 3 months after the
survey is due.
All Renewal Surveys must take place within a window of 6 months prior to the Expiry Date on the certificate.
Please be advised, that if a survey is performed after the due date (and survey windows), the due date (and survey windows) for following surveys will not change. The survey is simply “overdue”.
Note: A minimum period of 6 months must take place between surveys, allowing a ship to improve.

What if a ship is overdue?
If a ship has not undergone a required survey in time, she is “overdue”.
An incentive provider is entitled to refuse an incentive if a certificate is overdue. We experience that
ports are checking the validity of certificates strictly.
Unusual cases of “overdue ships” can be discussed with the Bureau Green Award (e.g. cases where after several attempts no surveyor is available to conduct a survey or where the vessel is expected to call at ports which are not convenient for a survey).

How does Green Award know where the ships are?
The Green Award Survey Department aims to have all vessels surveyed within their respective
survey-windows. To achieve this, information on expected ports of call is crucial.
All Green Award certificate holders are encouraged to inform the Bureau Green Award on a frequent basis on the expected ports of call of the certified Green Award vessels. Weekly updates are preferred; as a minimum monthly updates are acceptable.

What is a cluster?
The Survey Department tries to attend several vessels during the same trip at a particular area. These
surveys are called “clustered surveys”. This allows Green Award certificate holders to benefit from
reduction of survey-costs (since total costs of the same trip will be divided amongst the total amount of
vessels attended). Bureau Green Award benefits from a more time-effective deployment of its

Are inspections only carried out in ports which adopted Green Award?
No, inspections are carried out worldwide. When ships’ schedules are known, we try to cluster inspections to areas in order to minimise travel costs.

Will our shipping office be audited every year?
No, this will be done in connection with the first vessel entering the scheme. A re-audit is performed after a period of three years or depending on experiences encountered on the vessels of the owner/manager.

Does Green Award hire external parties to conduct surveys and audits?
No, Green Award does not work with third parties for surveying and auditing but with own employees. All surveyors are ex-seafarers and appointed as a Green Award Surveyor after a successful fulfilment of an intensive education and training program. This program is developed by Green Award and approved and accredited by the Nautical Institute.

How long does a Green Award office audit or ship survey take? And how many Green Award representatives will perform the audits and surveys?
Executed by Office audit First oil/product tanker of an owner/manager Initial/annual/renewal of oil/product tanker after the first ship of an owner/manager First bulk carrier of an owner/manager Initial/annual/renewal of bulk carriers after the first ship of an owner/manager Bulk carrier older
than 6 years
2 auditors 4 man-days
(2 a.d.)
1 surveyor 1 man-day (1 a.d.) 1 man-day
(1 a.d.)
2 surveyors 2 man-days
(1 a.d.) 2 man-days
(1 a.d.) 2 man-days (1 a.d.)
* a.d. – actual days




How long is the Green Award Certification period for a ship?
All Green Award Ship Certificates are valid for maximum 3 years (shown by an Issue Date and Expiry Date). Certification Date is the date of the very first Initial Survey. It is used by Green Award to start the first 3-year certification period. The same date (only 3 years later) is also used to start all following 3-year certification cycles.

How long is the Green Award Certification period for an office?
The Green Award certificate for an office is valid for maximum 3 years (shown by an Issue Date and Expiry Date). Certification Date is the date of the very first Initial Office Audit. It is used by Green Award to start the first 3-year certification period. The same date (only 3 years later) is also used to start all following 3-year certification cycles. An Office Certificate becomes invalid on the expiry date or earlier: on the date one year after the withdrawal of the last ship.

Will the vessel lose the Certificate if she is involved in a pollution incident or other type of incident?
That depends on the cause of the incident, the follow-up and the corrective measures taken to prevent reoccurrence. An additional audit and/or obtaining information from a third party might be applicable.

Our vessel is fully managed by a ship management company. Will the vessel lose her certificate when transferred to another ship management company?
Normally the vessel will lose the Certificate. If the owner desires a continuation of participation, then an audit has to be carried out at the office of the ship manager and subsequently the vessel will be re-inspected. In case the ship manager has already been Green Award audited in connection with other vessels, only a re-inspection of the vessel might be applicable.

We have two sister vessels. If one is Green Award certified, is it necessary to inspect the other vessel as well?
The Certificate applies to one vessel exclusively. It is quite possible that after an audit of both vessels, the rating will differ based on compliance with requirements.

The requirements might be revised yearly. Does a vessel always have to comply with newly issued requirements?
The initial inspection of the vessel will be carried out to verify compliance with the requirements valid for the current year. As soon as new or revised requirements have been approved by the Committee and the Board of Experts, Green Award gives its certificate holders a 1 year notification. Certificate holders are being informed about new requirements, provided with an updated version and are given 1 year to prepare. After that period, all surveys (incl. annuals) are being carried out according to the requirements valid as of the date of a survey.

Does Green Award withdraw certificates?
Sometimes we have to withdraw certificates in case ships are unable to meet our requirements.


What is an Application Fee for a ship?
The application fee covers the cost of the document review and initial survey for a ship. Travel and accommodation costs related to the initial audit will be invoiced separately. The application fee is valid for 12 months starting from the date of initial certification. This day and month will be the ‘anniversary date’ for the ship and will be the basis for the invoice for the Annual Fee.

What is an Annual Fee for a ship?
The Annual Fee covers a 12-months period starting from the Anniversary date and follows the Application Fee, which was also valid for 12 months. The invoice for the Annual Fee will be sent yearly in the month prior to the month of the ‘anniversary date’.

The Green Award tariffs can be found here.

Do we have to pay an Application Fee again when the certificate will be renewed after three years?
As long as the participation of a vessel to the Green Award Scheme is not interrupted, an application fee is due once and for the years thereafter only an annual fee is applicable.

What are the fees for an office?
There are no application fees nor annual fees for offices. We charge offices for an office audit fee if we conduct an office audit. Additionally, we invoice the travel and accommodation costs.

How is the procedure for the payment of the incentives?
The agent sends a request to the port, including a copy of the Green Award certificate and bank details. The port verifies the validity of the certificate and pays the incentive to the certificate holder. Some ports pay on a quarterly basis, some on a monthly basis.
Green Award is not involved in this process.


What is an incentive provider?
An incentive provider is a (private) port or maritime service provider (e.g. pilots, training institute, tug company, maritime authority etc.) that wants to encourage ship owners to apply for and obtain the Green Award, which would in turn upgrade the safety of the environment at sea and in ports.

What is the level of incentives?
It is at the discretion of every port to decide what incentive is applicable. Currently the port incentives vary from 3 to 10% discount on port dues.
The maritime services providers give incentives in kind or rebates on courses etc.

Where can I find a list of incentive providers and the incentives?
Please have a look at <link>

What requirements do ports and maritime service providers have to meet in order to become a Green Award incentive provider?
The Green Award incentive provider is
• in agreement with the goal of the Green Award Foundation: increasing the level of safety and environmental awareness of the entire shipping industry.
• Is prepared to grant premiums to vessels with a Green Award certificate.

Do Green Award incentive providers need to be certified?
The port or maritime service provider do not need to have their own audit procedures and Green Award does not audit nor certify the port / service provider.

How do ports know which ships are eligible for an incentive?
Green Award provides the incentive providers with a Monthly Update, which includes information on certified ships, certification dates etc. Also an overview of new ships, name changes and withdrawn certificates are included.


How can I report organisational changes (changes of company/ship information, termination of certificate)
Detail changes for Certificate Holders or vessels are dealt with at our Certification Department.
Please report any changes to certification@greenaward.org.

Does Green Award share non-conformities with other organisations?
Green Award is an independent organization. All information obtained during the surveys is not disclosed to any third parties, but used to help a manager and a ship to improve quality and safety onboard and ashore.

How is the Green Award Foundation governed?
Green award is governed by a Committee, Board of Experts and Board of Appeal.
The Committee consists of members representing the international maritime industry, including both public and private interests. The Committee manages the Green Award Foundation as laid down in the Foundation’s articles.
The Board of Experts consists of representatives from the maritime industry and is assigned to advise the Committee on the composition of the Green Award Requirements.
The Board of Appeal is charged with deciding appeals against any of the Green Award's decisions against which a Green Award applicant or certificate holder can lodge a complaint under the Green Award Regulations.

How does our company benefit from joining Green Award if we already have vetting and compulsory Class inspections?
Green Award motivates the crew to work in compliance with higher standards. The scheme is well-known and recognized in the shipping industry which gives a high value to its certificates. Green Award certificate holders benefit from the positive image showing their corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness by participating in the scheme. Apart from that, certificate holders receive various incentives (financial and operational) from the industry stakeholders such as ports and maritime service providers.


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